How Do You Encourage Someone to Write?

Following on from the last post about things not lasting, here’s me writing again. How very self-conscious to be writing about writing.


The truth is that I write all the time. Personal blogging hasn’t really been as big as it could be for a few years though.

Today, in an attempt to inspire myself to write more, I’ve bitten the bullet and migrated from Blogger to WordPress. Who cares, right?

Well, this way, I at least find myself on a familiar platform where everything’s where I’m used to it being. I may be more likely to add content if I’m using the tools of old.

Much of the old content of this site won’t translate properly from its older days on Blogger, but that’s probably ok. The original blogger site isn’t particularly going anywhere… it’s just not the primary site anymore! We’ve moved on.

I’m writing from a library in Rotherham. Jeez. What a romantic life I must lead to be able to do that!

The last time I was in Rotherham (not last night in the surprisingly-not-that-shit hotel), I mean in 2008, I was here to go to court.

It turns out I wrote extensively about it at the time, so I will possibly even go back and read it. The me of 2008, all 34 years old of him, was a different guy… in much way that when I’m 62, I’ll think that 48 year old me was a bit of a dick, I’m sure.

Anyway, the memories of Rotherham have been improved by using it as a strangely bleak and sparse zone in which to keep:

  • An adequate hotel
  • Industrial estates with moderately attended Starbucks
  • A library near a free car park where the screaming babies aren’t there for long

I’m again finding myself in the weird 9 hours between waking up on a gig day on a stop-over gig, and going to the gig itself.

So, what better opportunity than to catch up with weird life-admin. This includes the wordpress migration, so it would seem.

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