This blog started back in 2001 as a self-hosted blog. It was migrated to blogspot, and to WordPress in 2022.

Ashley Frieze is a middle-aged idiot who uses this blog to fill in the cracks between all the identities he tries to hold.

Who Hell He?

Ashley will write this next bit in the first person.

Phew… thanks Mr Narrator. Yes, who am I?

I’m a “egotistical bag of wind from Leeds”, according to some. I have the following attributes:

  • Terrible husband to a loving wife
  • Slightly incompetent father to two adorable/annoying children
  • Software Engineering freelancer with a can-do attitude
  • Technical author and editor
  • Stand-up comedian and comic writer
  • Musician and performer
  • Musical theatre lover and performer
  • Doctor Who fan
  • Geek
  • Owner of a delightfully long-term weight problem

I have no idea how I fit it all in. Truth is… I don’t think I always do.

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