An Enormous Hill to Climb

There’s quite a lot going on at the moment, and it’s been a very labour intensive few days. I’ve barely had time to eat or sleep.

It’s also the hottest part of the hottest summer. Temperatures have been heading up towards 40 degrees C, which is hotty hotty hot hot.

So last night was the ideal time to do a night of carpentry in the shop:

Which immediately begs the question “What Shop”?

Yes. We’re opening a shop. Which explains the various trips to buy materials to set the shop up, the disassembly of the workbench in the last workshop, and tonight’s assembly of same workbench in the new location.

And it also explains why I was at said shop at 8 o’clock on Sunday morning starting what would become a day’s gruelling painting.

To be fair, I took Monday evening off. Apart from going to fetch timber from B&Q.

The fact that we have a big family party coming up this weekend, so really ought to be focussing on getting the house ready for that is something I’m ignoring. To be fair, I did go to a Tower Block in Coventry last night to pick up a drinks fridge which will be chilling some of the party drinks on the weekend before becoming a shop milk/lunch fridge in the near future.

I can’t even put these thoughts in order.

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