Everything That’s Wrong With The Internet

This is my TikTok profile. There are three high-view videos:

  • 500k+ a video where I make a joke about a maths problem
  • 12k+ a video where I take the piss of Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • 8k – the video where I also talk about the same maths problem

Most other videos on my profile have <1k views, and the ones that are between 200 and 700 views are probably the ones I’m more interested in.

So why have I got a 500k video that I’m not that bothered about, but a 238 view video that I’d like people to see.

Here’s the most popular one:

The jadeevice user’s original video was something that I saw and reacted to. She asks a guy what 77 + 33 is. He says 100, as though it’s correct, she moves on. I was about to post some sort of retort that it’s not 100, it’s 110, and then I looked more closely at the video. It’s clearly a joke/wind-up. The maker of the video KNOWS that this is not the correct answer.

So I posted the above stitch in which I jokingly claim it’s 200.

As if by magic, this video starts getting hundreds of views and a huge number of people all commenting, without reading any other comments – “No, it’s 110” or words to that effect.

To stimulate engagement, algorithms, ratios and… well I don’t know what… I reply to them all, insisting they must be mistaken. I also post my 8k views video:

This attempts to convince people that my 200 answer is correct.

I’ve got comedian in my username. Surely people can’t think I’m being serious. Surely they can’t think that someone capable of explaining the maths so concisely wouldn’t know that you don’t really add it up that way.


There’s nothing more attractive to people on the internet than correcting someone.

And so the onslaught of people either correcting me, or insulting me for not knowing maths, on the basis of a joke that they don’t get continues on and on.

It’s made me rethink how much I want to correct people.

Though if they get their apostrophes wrong, I probably still will.

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Blogger, stand-up comedian, musician, writer and IT nerd. Technical Editor at www.baeldung.com, Senior Editor at www.funnysfunny.org.uk.
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