The Silly Quiz Answers

I have a habit of replying to the quizzes and word-searches from the above company with daft answers.

I think I did a good job of this St Patrick’s day themed quiz.

1. Irish Coffee: Shamrocks, Guinness and Orangina
2. River that runs through Dublin: River Phoenix
3. James Bond: Sean Connery
4. Irish Flag: It’s actually entirely transparent
5. St Patrick was the inventor of the Peperami
6. A lucky clover has 365 leaves, 366 in a leap year
7. Dish currently eaten on St Patrick’s day: A Denby Modus Ombre Cereal Bowl
8. In which country was St Patrick Born: Mexico
9. What you find at the end of a rainbow: a guy trying to re-create the Dark Side of the Moon album cover
10. What date is St Patrick’s day celebrated: International Men’s Day – 19th November

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