Another Day on The Road

Not my car – it’s not full of crumbs

Odd to be on the road on a weekday. It’s been a day of trying to balance a lot of conflicting demands.

I had a job interview this morning. I also needed to be at a venue mid-morning for a quick comedy show.

I also needed to do a morning meeting with my team, and then have time to fit in a day’s work between the mid-morning comedy show and the evening comedy show.

While this has definitely been a shorter day than I’d like, meaning I’ll be working to catch it up later on, I’ve achieved all of these things. This required me to leave the house as though I had a commuter job in Bristol, which I don’t. This was so I could do my job interview from the passenger seat of my car… it wasn’t on at the time – that would have been VERY dangerous.

Then I did another meeting while driving to the venue. Then the gig. Then I drove to ASDA where I got some lunch, some work done, and had a poo in a very very blue-lit toilet. Why they light it blue is anyone’s guess…

Then back to the upstairs room of the venue where I could concentrate and get a ton of work done.

All so I can do the next gig in a couple of hours before heading for home.

What a confusing array of things to pack into a single day.

If you need me I’ll be on the M5.

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