The Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in was postponed until this morning. In the last week there’s been some heavy things going down in the world of The Ash… I don’t think words will describe them. The upshot is that I’ve been living some sort of surreal existence, dietary habits have gone out of the window, I’ve not really been home much and I have had to face up to some unpleasant facts of life.

The weekend was a cascade of varied activities including:

  • Drinkies
  • Richard Herring

  • Tapas
  • Clubbing – in “Cuba Cuba”… oooh
  • Late night chat and guitars with Steve
  • Trip into town
  • A jamming session with the boys
  • Meeting the new neighbours
  • Trip to Leeds to take a mate out for a meal (we’re only at Saturday night here…)
  • Helping the University debating society recruit new members
  • DIY – well, DIFSE
  • Chinese takeaway and putting the world to rights

Few of these events are low-calorie, so I’m relieved to find my massogram reading of -1 this week, with an aggregate now of -35… not bad considering the number of pub meals I’ve had in the last week (I do have the healthy option or a bap or something, but I still feel a bit guilty). Maybe it will be time to cross the milestone next week?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just for posterity, the “fairly unpleasant things” surrounded a massive round of redundancies at the company I worked for. This made all the staff bond and care for each other’s future in a way which was touching. It also burst the bubble that suggests you can rely on keeping your job, even if you’re doing it well.

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